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About TriSplit

TriSplit defines a universal no-code/low-code programming and use environment that splits applications ("apps") into three independently-developed components that can be combined plug-and-play by users to create new and automated solutions. Calculations and data processing routines called Universal Code Engines (UCE) are split off from user interfaces called Universal Interface Frontends (UIF), and JSON data files working as Universal DataBases (UDB) are defined to store any data from any program to connect all markets. Content creators upload code and public data that plug into appropriate user interfaces to create what we call "Community Apps" for immediate use. Anyone can combine pieces together to create new solutions and monetize their work with our Universal Application Programming Interface (U-API) and Universal Software as a Service (U-SaaS). We can all collaborate on Community Apps.

TriSplit is a completely new approach which has gone through three working revisions over the last eight years on the desktop and is now being implemented on the web.

Just as shipping containers changed the world economy, TriSplit plug & play code, data, and UI components will change the world of programming.


How does it work?

Community App - Try it!

1. Programmers upload routines and public data

2. TriSplit plugs them into Community Apps

3. You do not have to write a user interface

4. Input and output data comes from your PC

5. Code is run on the server - it is not open source

6. Uploaded code can be simple or as complex as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

7. Data is stored in Universal DataBases (UDB)

8. The UDB JSON files can contain data from any app

9. Open industry schemas will be defined for all data

10. Output from one calculation feeds into another automatically

11. Code and data integration is easy

12. TriSplit provides a universal API and SaaS

What can TriSplit do for you?


TriSplit will be THE place to find, use, and combine code and data. Run the code with typed-in data or data read/written from a universal neutral JSON data file (UDB) on your PC. You control your private data. A common format allows you to transfer results from one Code Engine to another as input. Find public data for selection, analysis, and download. All uploaded Code Engines plug into UI Community Apps and use common definitions for variables, table data, geometry, and more. TriSplit is a unified repository of plug & play "big data" and "big code" that crosses all markets.


Monetize and protect your code and data. Don't give it away as open source. Upload code engines (subroutines) and public data for free use with advertising revenue or for a "toll" per use. TriSplit will collect the fees. Code is run on the server for others to use and it's not open or visible in the browser. All code and data uploaded will be accessible from anywhere using a universal API interface. Converting any subroutine into a Code Engine is done during the TriSplit upload process.


Subject Matter Experts create code and data, but have no way to offer it on the web in any sort of free/fee format without a very high bar of time, expertise, and cost. In addition, there is no easy way to collaborate and automatically connect with others. There is a vast amount of code and data that has been lost or not built over decades due to changing technology and the high cost of development. TriSplit offers a solution with plug-and-play code, data, and user interfaces that opens up vast new markets. Your code is hidden and executed on the server - not open source.


Eliminate code and data integration hell across all horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal markets using plug-and-play components from anyone. Legacy code and data can be tied in with automatic Code Engine converters. Internal OOP classes are split apart into separate external plug-and-play files of code and data. Any data and data structure from any program can be put into one universal variable and data structure JSON file. This is more than NOSQL. It's UDB - a Universal Database - that can store variables, arrays, matrices, objects, structures, tables, and more with links connecting files. TriSplit will establish Open Data Definition (ODD) collaborative forums to define industry schemas. TriSplit offers a path for unifying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO), and Digital Twin systems. Use TriSplit to build your data-driven and functional programming world.


Special Interest Groups/Birds Of a Feather - TriSplit offers you a way to collaborate using plug-and-play code, data, and user interfaces. You can group code and data together to create a Universal Interface Executive (UIX) for a specific area that uses one common UDB database for all inputs and outputs. You can also wrap code and data together to create new Code Engines without writing a line of code. A SIG for kayak design could group repository Code Engines and data together to generate hull shapes, do calculations, and produce full-size dimensions to drive CNC machines or 3D printers. SMEs could create a new Code Engine by wrapping one to generate a hull shape with one to calculate the resistance so that you can automatically search for a hull with the least resistance - all plug-and-play.


Take control of your data and code. Unify and collaborate across all markets for PLM and Digital Twin. Over the last 50+ years, app islands that define and encapsulate their own data formats and code APIs have dominated with different and manual neutral file connections. TriSplit splits data and code into their own separately defined plug-and-play external objects. Custom connecting different website APIs of encapsulated code and data is not a viable solution. Horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal industries can define base data definitions and TriSplit's UDB database will allow for custom data and new ideas. TriSplit offers one universal JSON schema for ANY data and data structure from all programs. The future is data driven functional programming. Separate web "castles" and "moats" don't do that.


Universal API

Plug code into user interface, data, and other code

UCE Wrap
Wrapping code engines with no code

Combine code engines to create new solutions

3D Foil
Geometry generators

NURB foil shape created by Code Engine using 2D foil data in repository



Using public data and code in Community Apps is free unless marked with a "toll." Tolls works like E-Z Pass for cars. You fund an account that pays for any service automatically. Tolls may be used for large or complex calculations like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). You can pay the toll or find a different "free route."


Programmers and Data Experts can create a free account to upload code and data. Their code and data can then be offered to users for free with advertising income or for a fee/toll per use. Everyone can showcase and monetize their work in a collaborative plug & play environment without building their own SaaS website or giving away their code. Many creator/uploaders will find that free usage with ad income maximizes their return with billions of potential users around the world. Once uploaded, your work might provide passive income for years.


Organizations and enterprises can upload their data and code for public use and combination. This can include flat file data, variable and structure data, and 2D/3D geometry. Companies can upload information in a universal format for CAD, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO), and Digital Twin. There may be a fee charged above a certain storage level.

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