What is TriSplit?

The simple explanation is that TriSplit is YouTube for code and data, but it's much more than that. YouTube allows you to upload video files that plug into a common user interface (UI). TriSplit generalizes that concept for ANY UI, code, and data. Creators upload code and data that is transformed into universal plug & play (P&P) components for immediate use, collaboration, and monetization. See how it all began.

How does TriSplit work?

TriSplit splits applications into three plug & play components of user interface, code, and data. One JSON file schema is defined to allow data from ANY program to be combined into one file. This Universal DataBase (UDB) defines a neutral file for all variables and data structures. There is no longer any need to have separate file definitions and formats for each application. This universal file definition is the TriSplit glue that ties everything together.


How does CODE work?

Step-by-step instructions

A Universal Code Engine (UCE) component is a routine with a fixed set of inputs and outputs. You define those variables, upload the routine, and TriSplit wraps it with a Universal Application Programming Interface (U-API) to create a container that plugs into a standard UI for immediate use. The loan calculation example is only 4 lines of JavaScript code. However, Code Engines with thousands of lines of code have been built with 50 inputs and 100 outputs. This can include calculations like Computational Fluid Dynamics and Monte Carlo Analysis. Code is plug-and-play and no longer tied to just one UI or app. It's run on the server and not in the browser - it is NOT open source.

Loan calculation example
Try me!

How does DATA work?

Step-by-step instructions

TriSplit forms the basis of a data-driven and functional programming world of computing. This is accomplished with a JSON data file that can store any data from any program using one universal VARIABLE object. There is no longer a need to define separate data files for each app. Think of it as a universal neutral file for all data. One file can include table data, mixed data, 2D/3D geometry data, sensor data and more. Only public data is uploaded, but you can use private data from your computer with the code on TriSplit. Users retain full control over their data.

How does a UIF work?

Generic user interfaces called User Interface Frontends (UIF) are defined to handle any data from a specific class, like tables or geometry. You do not need a custom UI and different data file format for every app. That limits the sharing and connecting of code and data.
Spreadsheets demonstrate one form of generic UI, but they tie code and data into one proprietary file that limits development, protection, integration, and reuse. TriSplit splits data and code into separate components. One generic UI is provided for any 2D/3D geometry and uploaded code. These are called "Community Apps" because they plug into code and data from anyone.
This is a new approach to programming. Everyone can independently contribute to one app. The data could be private data on your computer or data uploaded to the public repository. In the future, TriSplit will allow anyone to upload and monetize their own Community App UIF. The possibilities are endless.

Draw/CAD Community App
Shapes from your PC or repository
Big data comes to geometry

How do you USE TriSplit?

Users come to TriSplit to find code for immediate use with their data - that stays on their computer. Users can also search for public data in the repository to analyze using uploaded code from anyone. Users can also download this data to their computer in a number of common formats. TriSplit will be THE place to go for finding and connecting code and data with no custom programming.

How do you UPLOAD to TriSplit?

Developers create an account to upload their code and data. We call it a "network" because it can be more than one direct "channel" to users. It's free and a place to work with others to create new solutions by plugging together code and data. TriSplit offers tools for uploading code routines, table data, 2D/3D geometry data from various sources, sensor data, and much more.

NACA 65410 foil shape
from uploaded database of 2D airfoils

How do you COLLABORATE on TriSplit?

Developers can plug uploaded code and public data together to create new solutions that cross all horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal markets. Instead of the difficulty and cost of trying to hack together data and code from many incompatible apps and websites, everything is in one location with no-code tools for combination. TriSplit offers a Universal Application Programming Interface (U-API), a Universal DataBase file format (UDB), and a Universal Software as a Service (U-SaaS) that opens up a vast number of new low-cost collaborative solutions.
The uploaded repositories of code and public data offer "Big Data" and "Big Code" AI opportunities. TriSplit provides a plug & play path to a data-driven and functional programming future where your private data pipeline is completely under your control. Independent developers can work together to create agile Win-Win solutions - from the bottom-up.

Plug & play code and data

Three large calculations combined to create a new one with no code

How do you MONETIZE your upload on TriSplit?

Uploaders can choose to offer their code and data for free, for advertising income, or for a "toll" per use. If someone wraps your code or data with theirs, TriSplit will collect the fees and split them automatically. Think of E-Z Pass for cars where bridges and roads can have different tolls. One car may pass through many collection points, but one service collects the fees automatically. If you have popular code, advertising might maximize your income. If you have more valuable code and a smaller market, you might charge a fee per use. You can do tests to see whether a toll or advertising maximizes revenue. With billions of people now on the web, it may turn out that free with just advertising income produces the best results.
You can set up an account and start earning income in one afternoon. TriSplit handles all of the details. Keep uploading code and data and collaborate with others to multiply your income streams.